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Emailing receipts

Send email receipts from the Restaurant POS app to give customers a digital record of their order. Customers will receive an email from Lightspeed Restaurant with a PDF copy of their receipt attached. The sender name, subject line, and email text can be customized in the Back Office from Configuration > Printing > Customer email settings

Customers with the Email notifications setting enabled in their customer profile who are added to an order will automatically receive an email receipt after their order is paid. You can also manually email receipts to customers from the Receipts screen in the Restaurant POS app after completing an order.

To manually email a receipt from the Restaurant POS app:

  1. Tap Receipts on the navigation bar to access the Receipts screen.
  2. Select a receipt from the current day.
  3. Tap the green options icon.
  4. Select Email.
  5. Enter an email address to send the receipt to.
  6. Tap OK to send the receipt via email.


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