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Shift Reports (Fiscal)

The fiscal Shifts Report shows when employees started and ended their shift, how many receipts were generated and the total sales and payments during a selected shift or time period. 

Accessing the Shift reports

To access the Shift reports:

  1. Log in to the Back Office using your Lightspeed credentials.
  2. Select Reports > Reports from the navigation menu.
  3. Click Shift report in the Fiscal Reports section.
  4. Use the drop-down menu and calendar icon in the upper-right corner to change the report's time period.
  5. Click any row on the table to see a Shift report preview.


Understanding the Shift report table

Column Description

There are three types of reports.

  • Shift:  A report created when the first POS user opens the day. It shows the sales information for the entirety of a shift. Click a shift report to reveal the User and Drawer reports.
  • User: Shows sales totals and transaction history for a particular POS user. This report is created when an employee clocks in, and closes when they clock out.
  • Drawer: A report created from a device linked to a cash drawer, even if that drawer is virtual and used only for accounting purposes.

Note: If a user takes payment on a device not linked to a cash drawer, information related to payment methods will be stored in the User report. If, however, the device is linked to a cash drawer that's set up to receive the payment method in question, the payment appears in the Drawer report.

Started Date and hour when the report was created.
Ended Date and hour when the report was closed.
Device Active POS device that created the report.
Staff POS user who created the report.
Open Number of accounts that remained open after the Shift report closed.
Total sales Gross earnings based on your sales.
Total payments Total number of takings.

What's next?

The reports linked below are additional Fiscal Reports:

The Fiscal Summary gives a high-level overview of all sales, taxes, and receipts created during the selected time period.

The Fiscal Report gives a detailed view of all sales, taxes, and receipts created during the selected time period.

Use the Cash drawer report to calculate the cash amount to deposit at your bank after deducting tips and changes.

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