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Fiscal Closing

Use this page to close a fiscal period and generate a fiscal archive for the period. This report summarizes all of the information and data pertaining to the company's financial performance during the fiscal year in question and is important for tax purposes. Once closed, the report will appear under Archives on the Fiscal Closing page. To download the report, select it from the Archives list. To access the Fiscal Closing, select Reports > Reports > Fiscal Closing from the main navigation bar.
Using the input field on the right, manually enter the closing date and save it by selecting the Set button. A Fiscal Closing is permanent and can’t be canceled.



What's next?

The reports linked below are additional report categories:

Sales reports provide a detailed breakdown of your sold goods and services, with net and gross data for a specific time period.

Location Reports contain consolidated data for all of the locations that are linked to your account.

Staff Reports show which employees were responsible for which sales during a specific time period.

Discounts and Corrections contain discounts and order cancellations.

Access Account Reports regarding orders, receipts, transactions, payments, printed receipts, and production tickets.

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