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Cancellations and Corrections

Cancellations and corrections made on orders are displayed by employee for the chosen time period. The Report shows the reason for Cancellation and Correction, the item and amount cancelled or corrected, and the time and Receipt ID. Corrections are considered edited receipts, while cancellations are voided receipts.

See Editing or voiding a receipt for further information on editing or voiding receipts.

To access the Cancellations and Corrections Report, select Reports > Reports > Cancellations and Corrections from the main navigation bar. Use the dropdown menu and calendar icon in the upper-right corner to change the time period of the report. The report can be exported to .CSV and to .PDF and be saved to your computer.



What’s next?

The reports linked below are additional Discounts and Corrections Reports:

The Discounts Breakdown report summarizes the discounts given on orders for the selected time period.

In the Monthly Discounts report the discounts given in a particular month are broken down by day.

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