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About stock movements

As of June 2023, the legacy Stock feature is no longer available to new customers. Existing customers who currently use the feature will still have access to it.

If you're interested in managing your inventory, we recommend exploring our Inventory add-on. Get in touch with your account manager or contact us to discuss whether this add-on could benefit your business.

The Stock Movements page provides an overview of the movements of items into, out of, and between your stock locations (purchased, produced, sold, wasted, etc.). You can export stock movements, sort, filter, and search for items in the table using the search and filter functions at the top of the table. Add, deduct, or move items using the New stock input, New stock output, or New stock transfer pages.


The table displays these details:

  • Stock: The place where the item is stored.
  • Date: Time and date when the last movement was recorded.
  • SKU: Item’s unique SKU.
  • Product: Name of the item as entered in Back Office.
  • Accounting Group: The item category.
  • Type: Input or output of items in or from stock.
  • Quantity: Number of items added or deducted from stock.
  • Cost: Sum of the Cost price of items deducted from stock.
  • User: The user who performed the movement in the Back Office.
  • Reason: The reason why the item is added or deducted.
  • Unpacked quantity: The amount of a product displayed in units.
    For instance: The amount of a product displayed in units.
    For instance, the item Beer keg has the Stock management details of 30 liters in 1 unit.
    When adding five of the beer kegs to your stock you will have 5 (units/kegs) x 30 (l) = 150 (l).
    The Unpacked quantity is 150.


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