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Stock levels

The Stock levels page offers a table overview of your inventory, including cost price, quantity on hand, total cost, and the total stock value of all inventory combined.

To access Stock levels:

  1. Log in to the Inventory module with your Lightspeed credentials.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Stock management > Stock levels.
  3. (Optional) Sort the table by Item name, Cost price, Quantity, or Total cost by clicking the column header. Click once for ascending order or twice for descending.
  4. (Optional) Find specific items using the Search field, or filter items by accounting group using the available drop-down.
  5. (Optional) Click Export to CSV to download a spreadsheet file that can be opened with your preferred spreadsheet program.


Stock levels columns

Types Description
Item name Name of the item as entered in the Back Office.
Cost price The cost of the item. Note: This is set from the Back Office via Menu management > Items. Receiving purchase orders does not automatically update the cost price.
Quantity The number of items in stock. This value automatically updates when items are sold, purchase orders are received, or when stock counts are completed. Quantity will also adjust accordingly when recipes are made, adding quantity to finished products and removing ingredients.
Total cost
The total cost of the item's combined inventory (Cost price x Quantity).


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