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Modifying combos

Once you’ve created combos in Lightspeed Restaurant, you can edit them from the Back Office to update a variety of settings, such as price and name. Additional settings include receipt options, auto detection and item settings. 

As a reminder, combos can contain items and item groups, which are lists of items. Both items and item groups can be edited while editing the combo.

Editing the properties of a combo

Combos can be modified easily by opening up the page for that combo and editing the details within. The page is identical to the one used for creating combos.

  1. Click Menu Management > Items in the sidebar.
  2. Scroll through the list of items until you find the combo you wish to edit and click its name.
  3. (optional) To search for a combo by name, enter the name or part of the name in the search bar and click Search.
  4. (optional) To filter the items by Type, click Filter > Type > Combo and click Apply.


For a complete list of options and their descriptions, please visit the Creating combos page.

Editing items in a combo

You may need to modify the items or item groups in a combo. Simply click the name of the combo in the list to edit it. On the Details tab of the combo, scroll down to find the Combo structure section.


Action Description
Add an item or group

Click Add and complete the pop-up menu.

View all items and groups in a combo Click Expand All.
Edit an item or group in a combo

Click the name of the item or group or click on the Options button () and click Edit. A new tab opens where the selected item or group can be modified.

Remove a group from a combo

Click the corresponding Options button () and select Remove from combo.

Remove an item from a combo Click the name of the group containing the item to edit it and remove it from the group on the new page.
Change the order of groups in a combo Drag and drop each group into the new order using the equal sign next to the Options button ().

For more details on items, see the Items page. For more details on Item Groups, see the Creating a new combo page.

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