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Importing and exporting combos

Combos can be imported and exported by creating a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file in any spreadsheet editor which can be read by Back Office. You can also import combos using a tool to generate a spreadsheet that will add multiple combos to your Back Office in a single action.

If you have existing combos, it is advised that you export a copy of your existing items before attempting to import anything. This export is your back-up in case of errors.

Generating and importing a CSV file

  1. Click Menu Management > Items in the sidebar.
  2. Click Import or Export depending on which function you wish to use.


Tool for generating a CSV file

Since combos are considered items themselves, follow the Importing and exporting items article. It explains how to export items and use the Item and menus import template to create combos via spreadsheet.

Using the item and menus import template

In the template, use the tabs labeled Step b-Create item groups and Step 2c - Create Combos to create combos. Keep in mind that the items used for the combo must already exist in the Back Office or you can use the template to create items, combos, and menus all at once.


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