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Setting up Lightspeed Delivery

Setting up Lightspeed Delivery involves completing steps yourself in the Lightspeed Restaurant Back Office and also working with the Deliverect onboarding team to finish configuring your account. This article provides an overview of the setup process and the steps you need to follow to prepare your account for use with Lightspeed Delivery.

Important: Lightspeed Delivery is available as a paid add-on to your existing Lightspeed Restaurant subscription. Contact your Sales Account Manager or email sales@lightspeedhq.com to ask about purchasing Lightspeed Delivery.

Setup overview

After purchasing Lightspeed Delivery, the following steps will guide you through what to do and expect during the setup process.

  1. Complete the preparation steps in the next section to get your account ready for Lightspeed Delivery.
  2. Contact Lightspeed to verify you performed step 1 and to provide us with some additional information.

    In your message, include the:

    • Name of the menu you want to sync to Lightspeed Delivery.
    • Delivery channels you created accounts for (for example: Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.).

    Once we receive the above information, we will:

    • Check your account to verify the preparation steps were completed.
    • Create specific account profiles, payment methods, items, and POS users in your Lightspeed Restaurant account for each delivery channel you plan to use. 
    • Email you to ask for the correct tax profile to associate with each delivery channel's account profile.
  3. Our partner, Deliverect, will create your Lightspeed Delivery account and will also: 
    • Email you a link to access the Lightspeed Delivery Dashboard.
    • Import your items from Lightspeed Restaurant to Lightspeed Delivery.
    • Connect your delivery channel accounts to Lightspeed Delivery.
    • Schedule an onboarding session to review how to finish Lightspeed Delivery setup, including how to create delivery menus and test orders.
  4. Finish setting up your Lightspeed Delivery account according to the workflows demoed in the onboarding session with Deliverect.

    Need help finishing your menu in Lightspeed Delivery? Visit our Managing menus and products article.

  5. After completing setup, you can start accepting orders via Lightspeed Delivery.

Preparing for Lightspeed Delivery

Get your Lightspeed Restaurant account ready to connect with Lightspeed Delivery by completing the steps below.

  1. Sign up for an account with each third-party delivery channel you want to use with Lightspeed Delivery.

    Note: Supported channels vary by region but can include Uber Eats, DoorDash, Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Grubhub. View a full list of supported channels here and filter by your country.

  2. Add items you want to offer via Lightspeed Delivery to your Lightspeed Restaurant Back Office.
    Note: If you plan on setting a unique price for items available through Lightspeed Delivery, you will need to create those items as separate entries in the Back Office. 
  3. Create combos for items that will be sold together and for items with production instructions.

    Important: Production instructions are not supported in Lightspeed Delivery.

  4. Configure a new or existing menu to use with Lightspeed Delivery by following these guidelines:
    • Add all items and combos that you want customers to be able to order to a main screen on the menu. Only items and combos on a main screen for this menu will sync to Lightspeed Delivery.
    • If there are items you offer for delivery but not for dine-in orders, add a separate Lightspeed Delivery screen to the menu to separate them from other items.
    • If there are items you offer for delivery that will be priced differently than for dine-in orders, you will need to create a new, unique item for your menu. 
    • Assign the menu to a device configuration used by your POS devices. You can change the configuration assigned to a POS device by editing that device
  5. Make sure a unique SKU code exists for every item, combo, item group, and sub-item. Click the button below to expand the set of steps, then follow along.

    Important: All types of items mentioned above must have unique SKUs in Lightspeed Restaurant before they can sync to Lightspeed Delivery. Duplicate SKUs may exist in your account depending on how you initially set it up. 

    • Checking for duplicate SKUs

      1. In Back Office, click Menu management > Items on the navigation menu.
      2. Clear any filters active on the table.
      3. Click the Code column to sort all items by SKU code. 
      4. Make sure there are no duplicate SKUs on the list. SKUs are considered duplicates if they share the same characters, regardless of capitalization.

        Example: ABC1, abc1, and AbC1 would all be considered duplicates. 

      5. If there are duplicate SKUs, manually edit each affected item and assign it a new SKU.
      6. Filter the item library to show only item groups by selecting Type > Group via the Filters menu or selecting Group from the drop-down menu above the Type column. 
      7. Click Edit next to a group on the table. 
      8. Take note of the SKUs listed in the Items that are part of this group section.
      9. Repeat steps 5g–5h for each other group.
      10. If the same SKU is assigned to more than one group, remove the affected item from each group so that its SKU only exists in one group.
  6. Ensure that all printers, printing profiles, and production centers are set up correctly so that order tickets print to the relevant printers.
  7. Check each accounting group to make sure the correct tax profile and production center are assigned.

    We recommend consulting a tax professional if unsure about which tax profile to use for each set of items.

  8. Edit each account profile and enable the Enable the Show delivery code on receipt setting.

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