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Setting up gift cards 2.0

These instructions only apply to the new Lightspeed gift card version. If you are using the old gift card version and want to switch, follow the instructions in this article.

Before selling K-Series gift cards, we recommend setting a maximum gift card balance in your Back Office. The maximum balance is the maximum value that can be loaded onto a gift card. If an employee attempts to sell a gift card with a value greater than the maximum balance, your POS will display an error message and prevent the sale. By default, there is no maximum balance for gift cards.

Setting a maximum balance

The maximum balance affects all future gift cards. It will not affect previously created gift cards or batches. You can sell gift cards without setting a maximum gift card balance, but we do not recommend it. To set a maximum balance:

  1. Log in to your K-Series Back Office.
  2. Navigate to Customers > Gift Cards > Settings in the main navigation menu.
  3. In the General section, enter the maximum amount for your gift cards in the Maximum balance field.
  4. Click Save.


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