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Gift cards 2.0 FAQ

These instructions only apply to the new Lightspeed gift card version. If you are using the old gift card version and want to switch, follow the instructions in our Setting up gift cards 2.0 article.

This article answers frequently asked questions about Lightspeed K-Series gift cards.

Can I refill a gift card?

Yes, you can refill a digital card by scanning the gift card’s QR card at the POS. You cannot refill a gift card in the Back Office.

Can a customer check the balance of a gift card?

No. Only merchants can check gift card balances.

Can I set different maximum balances for my batches?

No. The maximum balance is a global setting. You can, however, edit the maximum balance and then create a new batch.

Can I refund my customer for a gift card they purchased?

Yes. You can process the refund as normal on your K-Series POS to return the funds to the customer, and then deactivate the gift card in your Back Office.

Can I customize the text in the gift card email that Lightspeed sends to customers?

No, the email text is currently not customizable.

Can I send a gift card via SMS text?

No, but you can email an online gift card to your customer.

Can I sell gift cards online?

Yes, if you are using Lightspeed Payments you can sell gift cards online. To get started, configure and enable the gift card web store in your K-Series Back Office. View our Selling gift cards 2.0 online to learn more.

Can a customer pay with a gift card for an order placed through Order Anywhere?

No, customers cannot currently use K-Series gift cards to pay for an order placed through Order Anywhere.

Can I import gift cards from a third-party company or POS?

No, you cannot currently import third-party gift cards into your K-Series Back Office.

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