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Whether you are getting set up or using the POS app, our tutorials help ensure you understand the basics.  Use the search bar above to type in a question, or browse our tutorials on the left navigational menu.


Tailored for pubs, bars, cafes, bakeries, hotels and both casual dining and fine dining restaurants, Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) is an intuitive and reliable restaurant management solution trusted by restaurateurs around the world. 

👩🏽‍💻 Build your menu, create users and user permissions, and configure devices all from the Back Office web application.

🤳 Take orders, assign tables or customers to a transaction, and process payments from the POS app


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What's new?

Version 4.1 of the Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) POS app includes exciting improvements and changes to the POS Order screen. While true to the signature Lightspeed (K-Series) design, we’ve added new elements to enhance the POS experience.


  • Organize order items by course or seat while in Table Service mode.
  • Review orders with the Edit mode function.
  • While in Edit mode, bulk delete or assign unsent items to a course or seat. 
  • Easily access different screens from the bottom navigation bar: Register, Tables, Orders, Customers, Receipts and Settings.
  • Tap the the Status Preview tab (three dots on navigation bar) to get a snapshot of:
    • Network connectivity 
    • Device reload 
    • Printers
    • Online Order activation/deactivation 
  • Enhanced accessibility means more vibrant colours and the ability to switch between Dark/Light mode or a Left/Right-handed interface.
  • Updated words and phrases on the app offer a more intuitive experience, such as: clock in or out, send orders, fire a course or print a bill.