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Step 4 | Training checklist

To train your staff on how to use Lightspeed POS, visit our:

  • Training checklist: Go through the training checklist with managers and staff before launching Lightspeed Restaurant K Series at your business.
  • Setup checklist: The Setup checklist summarizes all the steps listed in the Getting Started Guide to launch Lightspeed Restaurant K Series at your business.
  • Help Center pages: Visit the Help Center articles to learn more about Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) POS.
  • YouTube channel: Watch tutorials on YouTube to learn how to use Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) POS.



What's next?

  • Proceed to Step 5 to launch your account and go live.
  • Visit the Onboarding page for your region to learn about our onboarding services, register for webinars, or watch webinar recordings, or contact the Onboarding team directly from the Contact the Onboarding team page. 

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