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Creating user groups

From the Back Office, add every required user group for the various roles at your establishment. For instance, you can create user groups such as Manager, Server, Bartender, Busser, Chef, Cook, and Dishwasher. By creating a user group and defining permissions for that role, you can then sort individual users into groups so that their designated permissions are automatically configured with the group’s.

If you ever need to make changes on the POS user group’s name, edit the user groups. For more information on editing POS user roles, see adding user group roles.

To watch a related video, visit our About user groups article.


Adding POS user groups

Adding a POS user group allows you to define the name of the group. After adding POS user groups you can make further adjustments, such as adding user group roles, defining discounts used in this group and tip and money counting settings.

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed Restaurant account credentials.
  2. From the navigation menu select Configuration > Users > POS user groups.
  3. Select Create a new POS user group.
  4. Enter the new POS user group name.
  5. Select OK.


Editing POS user group names

Change the name of the user group via Configuration > Users > POS user groups by selecting the name of the user group. After changing, select the checkmark and confirm the new name.



What’s next?

Add user group roles to define the permissions and restrictions for a designated user in Lightspeed K-Series.

Once you’ve defined user groups and roles you can assign users to a user group to quickly apply roles to groups of employees.


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