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Adding production centers

Production centers are one of the three pillars which enable printing with your POS. The other pillars include both the settings for the devices and the printing profiles. Production centers can be understood as the printing destination for printing jobs. You can configure settings for a production center such as printing destination, printing templates, and IP address information for the destination printer from the Back Office. The following article explains how to add production centers from the Back Office.

Adding production centers: 

  1. From the main navigation bar of the Back Office, go to Configuration > Printing > Production centers.
  2. Select + Add production center.Restaurant-Adding-Production-Center.png
  3. Fill in the form to customize the production center.
  4. Select Save to add the production center to the Back Office.Restaurant-BO-Adding-Production-Center.png
Name: Enter a proper name for the production centers.
Virtual production center:

Select if you want to use a kitchen display system.

NOTE: If selected, the view of the form changes. There only still remain two fields. You'll find the description of them on the bottom of the table marked with an asterix.

Printer profile:

Select the desired printer profile from the dropdown menu.

NOTE: Shows all printer profiles that are added under Configuration > Printing > Printing profiles

Supported order types: Choose an order type from the dropdown menu.
Number of empty lines at the top of docket: Set a number of empty lines to appear at the top of an order ticket by using the slider.
Select the checkbox of the following opportunities to activate them:
  • Organize the content of the order docket into courses
  • Prefix names with the corresponding object identifiers
  • Print a single item per docket
  • Print wider lines
  • Trigger the drawer connector when printing a docket
  • Print delivery information
* Destination IP address: The used IP address of the kitchen display.
* Virtual protocol: Choose between two modes: Ticket Mode (FSR) groups items by order; Production Mode (QSR) groups identical items into a virtual ticket.


What’s next?

Great work! Now that you know how to add a production center we recommend continuing with the article Editing or deleting production centers.

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