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Adding and editing invoice templates

Nowadays it is always desired that entrepreneurs have the possibility of offering an "On account” payment method for settling transactions at a future date. To request future payment, businesses can issue an invoice in letter format for the items or services provided.

Editing invoice templates

If you wish to issue an invoice in letter format, you need to create an invoice template. If you wish to print invoices as a receipt, you can edit receipt templates.

You can create two types of invoice templates: global (all locations where a local template hasn’t been specified) and a local template (for the current business location).

At this time we have to point out that you cannot save different templates. You may only edit an existing one if a change is necessary for the template.

To edit invoice templates:

  1. From the navigation bar go to Configurations > Printing > Account receivable invoice template.
  2. Choose the desired template and select either Create a global template + or Create a local template +.Restaurant-BO-Edit-Invoice-Templates.png
  3. Make your changes for your template under Editable texts in the related tabs Invoice, Page, Receipt table and Tax summary and/or under Settings.
    NOTE: Don’t make any changes on the command tags.
  4. When you’re done editing the template, select Save.Restaurant-BO-Adding-Invoice-Template-Settings.png

Editable text

When editing an invoice template, you can configure the following fields:

NOTE: The fields can contain up to two different pieces of information: normal text and command variables. Fields can contain one of the two or both.


In this section, you can configure certain general fields of an invoice.

Field name Normal text Command tags
Emitter address Not required

#businessLocationName #businessLocationAddress1 #businessLocationAddress2 #businessLocationZipCode #businessLocationCity #businessLocationState

Subject Invoice number #invoiceNumber
Recipient address Not required #contactCompanyName #contactSalutation
Date Not required #businessLocationCity
Gratuity total text Total tip not required
Gratuity total amount Not required #invoiceSumGratuityAmountDue
Grand total text Total amount not required
Grand total amount Not required #invoiceGrandTotal
Total line Total amount due: #invoiceGrandTotal
Free text (below the grid) free free
Paid text Paid on XX with XX #invoiceSettlementDate
Free text (above the grid) free #invoiceComment



In the Page tab you could add text to the footer or header and you could label the page.

Field name Normal text Command tags
Page header Free not required
Paging label Page: not required
Page footer Free not required


Receipt table

If you want to fit the headline to your requirements, then you could do it here.

Field name Normal text Command tags
‘Reference’ column header Reference not required
‘Date’ column header Date not required
‘POS’ column header POS not required
‘Total’ column header Total not required
‘Paid’ column header Paid not required
‘Due’ column header Due not required
‘Payment’ column footer Total not required
‘Total’ column footer Not required #invoiceSumPaymentAmount
‘Paid’ column footer Not required #invoiceSumPaymentAmountSettled
‘Due’ column footer Not required #invoiceSumPaymentAmountDue
‘Total without taxes’ footer Total without taxes not required
‘Total without taxes’ footer value Not required #invoiceTotalWithoutTaxes


Tax summary

Only necessary if you want to customize the header for taxes at the end of the invoice.

Field name Normal text Command tags
Table header Taxes included not required



At Settings you could expand or squeeze the space for headers and footer on the invoice. You enter the space in centimeters.


What's next?

To learn more about editing receipt templates, please see Adding and editing receipt templates.

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