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Stock transfers

You may need to share stock between your restaurants if your business has multiple locations. To keep track of your stock movements, you can create stock transfers through the inventory add-on, which allows you to keep track of each location's stock level and transfer quantities.

Accessing and managing Stock Transfers

  1. Log in to the Inventory add-on with your Lightspeed credentials.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Purchase > Stock transfers.


Here, you can view a list of previous transfers and their statuses. The status depends on whether you were the sender or the receiver of the transfer.

Creating a new Stock Transfer

  1. From the Stock transfers page, click New transfer.

    This option is only accessible if you have at least 2 business locations.

  2. Select the stock destination from the list of business locations by clicking Create transfer.
  3. Begin adding items to the transfer by clicking Add to transfer next to the desired item.  
    • (Optional) Use the Search all items field to look up specific items.
    • (Optional) Filter items by Accounting Group to see only specific categories of items in the list.
  4. Once an item has been added to a transfer, adjust the quantity using the Plus   and Minus   buttons. Alternatively, you can adjust the quantity by clicking the item
  5. (Optional) Add a Delivery note to fill in additional information or delivery instructions.
  6. Click Review transfer and verify the details. If you spot a mistake, click   Back to edit the stock transfer.
  7. Click Transfer to finalize your stock transfer. The system will automatically adjust stock levels.
  8. (Optional) A window will appear where you can send an email to the stock recipient. Fill in the relevant information and click Send email to send a copy of the transfer information to the recipient, or skip this step by clicking X in the top right.

Once the stock transfer is submitted, the system considers it complete. To correct any discrepancies, create a new stock transfer, perform a stock count, or report wastage.

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