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Counting a cash float

đź’ˇ What's a cash float?

A cash float is generally understood as a base cash amount that users exchange during the shift. A cash float generally contains smaller denomination amounts at the start of a shift so that users are able to provide appropriate change to customers when processing cash transactions.

If the float count setting has been enabled from the Back Office, POS users will need to count their cash float at the start and end of each sales period. After a sales period has started, the float count prompt will be enabled after tapping a user's name from the Home screen. 


Counting a cash float

  • When starting or ending a sales period, shift managers will be prompted to count float from the Cash float screen.
  • From the Cash float screen, tap the payment method for the float count.
  • Enter the currency denominations on the keypad and tap Confirm when you have completed the float count. You will be brought back to the Cash float screen.
  • From the Cash float screen, verify your cash float count is correct and tap Confirm float amount.
  • You will be prompted to print a cash drawer report - confirm or cancel. 



What's next?

Employees can self-report, or declare, the amount of tips they leave with at the end of their user shift. To learn how to enable and use this feature, see Declaring tips.

Users on Lightspeed Restaurant can have different user permissions and settings, as configured from the Back Office. One place to view POS user settings is from the Settings menu. For more information, see Understanding user settings.

Once a sales period has been opened and the cash float counted, you're ready to start taking orders! See About ordering for more information. 


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