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Understanding the Receipts screen

The Receipts screen in the Restaurant POS app contains paid and voided receipts from the current sales period. From this screen, you can view, edit, refund, reprint, email, and create invoices from customer receipts. 

Using the Receipts screen

Log on to the POS and tap Receipts on the bottom navigation bar to access the Receipts screen. From here, you can search for receipts by receipt number or ID, order name, order total, or the last 4 digits of the credit card attached to the receipt by using the search field at the top of the screen.

There are two main views for the Receipts screen: select Show all to display all receipts, including edited or voided receipts. Select Hide adjustments to display receipts that have not been edited or voided.  The top right corner of the screen displays the view type, meaning if you are viewing receipts for All devices or a selected device. 

Status icons show if the order is assigned to a table, if it’s for pickup or delivery, and if it was paid by cash, credit card, or some other payment type.

Order icons

Order icons label the type of order received and the payment type used.

Order Type

  • Arm with a serving tray: Assigned to a table.
  • Paper bag: Pickup order.
  • Truck: Delivery order.

Payment type

  • Stack of money: Cash
  • Credit card: Credit card
  • Dollar Sign: Other payment type

Viewing receipts

From the Receipts screen, you can select a receipt from the list on the left-hand side. Each receipt on this list displays the receipt number, order name or table number, time, total, POS user, and status icon.

Tap a receipt on the list to view it in full on your screen. You can edit, refund, reprint, email, or create an invoice from the selected receipt by tapping the Receipts actions button.

Image of the receipt screen on the POS. The button titled 'Receipt Actions' has been highlighted.

Receipt actions

The receipt actions menu enables you to email, or print receipts, refund orders, change the payment method used, and create invoices. Tap the Receipt actions button to access this menu and select an action. Available actions will vary based on the permissions configured in the Back Office for a given user group or user.

Restaurant POS Receipt Screen.jpg

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