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About POS device hardware

Explore the iPads and iPhones that serve as vital hardware for the Lightspeed Restaurant app. This article outlines where to find supported models, how to set them up, and other hardware related to POS devices, such iPad stands.

Supported Apple devices

At least one iPad is required to run Lightspeed Restaurant in your business. After that, you can use any combination of iPads or iPhones for secondary order-taking devices as allowed by your subscription. But what types of iPads and iPhones will work? And how do you set them up?

  • Supported hardware: This article covers the minimum version of iOS / iPadOS required for running the Restaurant POS app, supported models of iPad and iPhone, and other types of supported hardware.
  • Preparing your iPad for Lightspeed: Part of our Getting started guide, this article explains how to set up an iPad (or an iPhone) for use with Lightspeed Restaurant.

Other POS device hardware and accessories

There are other types of hardware that are closely related to POS devices, so they’re often discussed together. For example, a customer-facing display that pairs with a POS device or a stand that holds it.

  • Customer-Facing Display setup: The Customer-Facing Display (CFD) displays order details on a separate iPad integrated with your Lightspeed Restaurant point-of-sale system.
  • Setting up Lightspeed iPad stands: Lightspeed-branded iPad stands offer a sleek design, which protects your device while providing an amazing user-experience. 
  • Setting up the Vault Pro iPad stand: Learn how to set up your Vault Pro iPad stand.
  • Setting up your Blackbox/Fiscal Data Module: The Blackbox (also known as Fiscal Data Module or FDM) is a fiscal device that signs transactions and orders processed on a cash register system. The Blackbox is only required for businesses from the restaurant and catering industry in Belgium that meet specific federal requirements.

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