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The Transactions report shows all item-related events for the selected time period, including sales, voids, and transitory operations. All POS operations are recorded here. Each transaction includes the transaction ID, date, account, employee, device, and item details, such as SKU, Quantity, and Amount.

Accessing the Transactions report

To access and generate the Transactions report:

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed Restaurant credentials.
  2. Select Reports > Reports from the navigation bar. 
  3. Click Transactions in the Account Reports section. 
  4. Set the time period of the report using the arrows and calendar icon in the upper-right corner.


Searching and filtering accounts

Zero in on specific accounts with the following options in the Transactions report:

  • Use the Search field to find particular transactions. Searchable information includes Account name, Amount, Tender, Created by, Paid to, Device, Account, and Reference.
  • Use the Show_entries drop-down menu to choose how many transactions should appear on a single page.
  • Sort transactions by column by clicking the column header once for ascending order or twice for descending.
  • If there are tags associated with specific device profiles in your Configurations, Filter transactions by tag using Filter drop-down. Note: this option does not appear if no tags are set up.
  • To download the report as a spreadsheet, click Export Transactions CSV > select your device (Mac or PC) > Export.

Understanding Transaction types

In the Transactions report, transactions are listed with various Types. Refer to the table below for descriptions of what they mean.

Transaction types

Types Description
Float A cash drop or lift from the cash drawer.
Foreign A transfer from one account (table) to another.
Recall Account (re)created because a previously closed account was reopened.
Refund Reimbursement of an existing account.
Sale A completed sales operation.
Split An account that was created as the result of split payment on another account.
Transfer Created after a transfer operation takes place.
Transitory An account that was still open at the end of a business day and moved to the next day.
Update An account that was created to revert/recreate a payment.
Void Order was canceled/deleted after being sent to the kitchen.

What's next? 

The reports linked below are additional Account Reports:

The Receipt Report shows all receipts created and paid for during the selected time period.

The Draft Receipt Reports lists receipts that have been printed but not yet paid.

The All Accounts Reports lists all started accounts (orders) during the selected time period, including open orders. 

The Open Accounts report gives an overview of open orders for the selected time period.

In the Canceled Accounts Report, all canceled orders during the selected period are displayed. 

In the Payments Report, all closed orders with their respective payment methods are listed.

On the Invoices Report, All transactions paid with the Invoice payment method are listed.

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