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Viewing billing invoices

Billing invoices are automatically created and emailed to you whenever subscription payments are due for your Lightspeed Restaurant account. They show the amount owed for the subscription, the items and services included in the subscription, and other related billing information.

Downloading billing invoices from email

When a billing invoice is created for your account, you'll receive an email with a PDF copy of the invoice attached. Download the invoice from your email to view the information it contains.

  1. Log in to the email address associated with your Lightspeed Restaurant account.
  2. Locate the billing email sent from Lightspeed (do_not_reply@lightspeedhq.com). Can't find the email in your inbox? Check the spam or junk mail folder.
  3. Click the download button in the email client to download the invoice in PDF format. See Understanding billing invoices to view a sample invoice.

Viewing billing invoices from the Back Office

Only Lightspeed Restaurant users still on the legacy billing system can view and manage billing invoices directly from the Back Office. If you don't see this option, contact the Billing department to request a copy of your invoice.

From the Invoices page, you can download invoices in PDF format, send invoices by email, and pay invoices online.

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed Restaurant credentials.
  2. Click your name in the upper-right corner, and select Invoices.
    Note: Don't see Invoices? This option is only available to some accounts. Follow the steps in Downloading billing invoices from email instead to download billing invoices from your email.
  3. Review the Your invoices section to see each billing invoice and its status, date, amount, and balance.
  4. (Optional) Click an invoice to view additional details, such as individual line items.
  5. (Optional) Click Actions and select Pay invoice, Download, or Send to email to perform the desired action.
    • Pay invoice: Enables you to pay an invoice online using a credit card. See Paying billing invoices for detailed instructions.
    • Download: Saves the invoice in PDF format to your computer.
    • Send to email: Emails the invoice to the admin user and to any additional email address entered in the prompt that appears after selecting this action.


Understanding billing invoices

Billing invoices show the payment amount due for your Lightspeed subscription and other related information, such as subscription details and invoice numbers. 

Important: The billing invoice for your account may look different than the sample below, but it will contain similar information.

Some billing invoices start with a Summary page that lists the invoice number and amount, your account balance, and the due date and terms for payment. If auto-billing is enabled, any payments submitted for the invoice will also appear. 



The billing invoice itself contains the information mentioned above and additional details, such as the invoice billing period, your contact information and addresses, contact information for the Lightspeed Billing department, and an itemized breakdown of the products included in your Lightspeed subscription.


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