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Adding new stock input

As of June 2023, the legacy Stock feature is no longer available to new customers. Existing customers who currently use the feature will still have access to it.

If you're interested in managing your inventory, we recommend exploring our Inventory add-on. Get in touch with your account manager or contact us to discuss whether this add-on could benefit your business.

With the New stock input function, you can add new quantities of items to your stock locations, such as when goods are delivered to your restaurant from a supplier. Performing a stock input adds new units of an item into a stock location.

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed credentials.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Stock > New stock input.
  3. Fill in the stock input settings, then select the Save button.


New stock input settings

Setting name Description
Stock The stock location to which the item is added. All stocks created in Configuration > Settings > Stock are available for selection. See Understanding stock locations for detailed information.
Product The item being added to the stock. All items created in Menu management > Items are available for selection. See About items for detailed information.
Quantity The number of items that are added to the stock.
Cause The reason for adding the item to the stock. Three reasons are available for selection:
  • Inventory: The item is a new item in your Inventory.
  • Goods delivery: An existing item in your stock is replenished.
  • Cancelled sale: The purchase of the item does not take place. For instance, when an item is ordered, paid for, and voided or when an item is sent to the kitchen/ bar and then deleted from the order.
Description Optional details to the stock input.


What’s next?

Add a new stock output to remove a number of items from stock.

Perform a stock transfer and move items from one stock location to another.

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