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About Servers reports

Advanced Insights is currently available to Lightspeed Restaurant customers in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. To get access to this feature, contact your Sales Account Manager or Lightspeed Support.

Advanced Insights’ Servers reports offer comprehensive data on server performance. Use these reports to see how an employee’s sales compare to the average or which employee sells the most during a particular shift. You can also discover how each staff member performs on key metrics, such as table turn time and discounts.  

Your server data is organized into four reports for granular insights: Checks, Covers, Turn Time, and Discounts. Additionally, you can view a server’s scorecard for more detailed information about a server and their performance.


Servers reports

Report Description
Checks This report provides you with a quick snapshot of server performance by check. It also displays an individual server’s average sale by check, broken down into the major categories on your POS.
Covers Visit this report to see server performance by cover. This report also compares each employee’s Sales per cover average against the average of the restaurant.
Turn time The time it takes a server to process an order, calculated from the moment the server sends the ticket to the kitchen to the moment they take payment for the bill. The report displays the average turn time for the location and each employee.
Discounts Displays total discounts by server, broken down by the discount types on your POS.
Scorecard View a server’s scorecard to discover their strengths and opportunities for improvement. Analyze their sales, discounts, and turn time over the past month and compare metrics between employees. You can access a server’s scorecard from the Checks, Covers, and Discounts reports.


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