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Printing checks or split checks

When your guests are ready to pay, you can print their draft receipts so they know how much they owe in payment. 

Printing checks in Direct Sale mode

Direct Sale mode supports a quick-service style workflow, designed to fit most cafes, bars, and food trucks. 

To print a check while in Direct Sale mode, add order items to an order and proceed to the Payment screen. A receipt will automatically print after processing the payment.
If you wish to print a check before payment has been processed, tap the Print receipt button on the Payment screen.

Printing checks in Table Service mode

Table Service mode supports seating and coursing, allowing your customers to pay for their meals after they finish eating. The most common workflow for Table Service mode is to print a draft receipt for customers when they are ready to pay for their orders. 

To print a draft receipt while in Table service mode, add the order items to an open order, then proceed to the Payment screen. From the Payment screen, tap the Print receipt button to print a draft receipt.

Printing split checks

If your customers want to split their check, you can divide their order by seat, cover, or item. 

Once checks are split, you can print them as separate draft receipts for your customers. From the Split check screen, you can print individual checks or print all the split checks for a table.

To print all checks, select the Print icon on the bottom right of the Split check screen. To print an individual check, select the Print icon located on the bottom of the desired check.

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