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Step 2 | Account customization

In this section, learn how to add business details, manage users, and create a floor plan.

Business settings

Business parameters (or business settings) are essential to get your business up and running. Enter important data like your tax number and your business name in the Back Office. You can also define whether your margin calculation is calculated with or without taxes, what message the customer sees when a receipt is scanned, and if you would like to enable time tracking for employees.
The reporting shifts section allows you to define the various periods used in your reports, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  1. Add your business settings including business details, receipt scan settings, time tracking and margin calculation.
  2. Divide the business day into reporting shifts.

User management

Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) users are considered to be anyone within your organization that will be using the system with regularity. In the Back Office, there are two types of users: Back Office and POS users, and each can have specific permissions or be assigned to particular user groups.

  1. POS Users: Add POS users for anyone permitted to use the POS app and assign user permissions.
  2. POS user groups: Add user groups, which allow you to easily manage various POS user permissions (user roles) and assign POS users to this group.
  3. Back Office users: Add Back Office users for anyone permitted to access the Back Office.

Floor plan

Add a floor plan with tables for each area of your establishment. A table is used for processing orders on the app. When creating a floor plan and tables, you can determine the number of seats for each table so checks for that table can be divided among several guests per corresponding seat.

  1. Add floor plans and tables to the Back Office.

What's next?

  • Learn the basics of setting up and configuring the payment and printing processes in Step 3.
  • Visit the Onboarding page for your region to learn about our onboarding services, register for webinars, watch webinar recordings, or contact the Onboarding team directly from the Contact the Onboarding team page. 

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