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Step 3 | Hardware and payments

Learn how to set up your receipt and ticket printers and your optional kitchen display system (KDS). Also, learn how to configure your payment terminals and payment options.


Set up and manage receipt and ticket printers. If using Lightspeed secured Networks (Ignite Net / Unify) contact Support for network setup help.

  1. Printers: Add and connect printers.
  2. Test printers: Run a test print by sending an order to your kitchen bar. Print a receipt.
  3. Printing profiles: Add printing profiles to configure copy settings and back up printers.
  4. Production center: Add production centers, which are the printing destinations for receipt information.
  5. Setup printing structure: Link Restaurant areas to production centers and link configurations to printing profiles.
  6. Receipts: Create your receipt template and configure your print receipt settings.
  7. Transaction testing: Run a 0.01 test transaction of your currency on every payment terminal to make sure everything is good to go.
  8. KDS: If using a KDS, connect and set up your device.


The Payment section of the Lightspeed Restaurant Back Office includes all payment methods and currencies accepted, discounts available on the POS, as well as the physical payment terminals which process transactions.

  1. Payment method: Add all required payment methods.
  2. Payment terminals: Contact support to add Payment Terminals.
  3. Account Profiles: Set up account profiles for different sales scenarios such as takeaway, delivery, or happy hour.
  4. Currencies: If you support multiple currencies, send a request to support to have these currencies created.
  5. Discounts: Set up discounts, and edit POS users or user groups to grant access to the discounts.

What’s next?

  • Having successfully completed all the steps in the back office, you can proceed to the POS training.
  • Visit the Onboarding page for your region to learn about our onboarding services, register for webinars, or watch webinar recordings, or contact the Onboarding team directly from the Contact the Onboarding team page. 

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