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Opening and closing a sales period

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In this article, learn about managers opening the sales period at the start of the business day, and closing it at the end, to control when orders can be placed at the POS. Navigate to other articles in the guide using the carousel below.

A sales period refers to a POS session opened by a shift manager during your sales day. Orders cannot be processed on the POS until the sales period has been opened.

Only a shift manager, a POS user with the User can open and close shifts permission enabled, can open or close a sales period.

Opening a sales period

Starting your day begins by opening a sales period in Lightspeed Restaurant. Once a sales period has been started by a shift manager, other sales staff will be able to access the ordering screens and process transactions through the POS until a shift manager closes the sales period at the end of the day.

  1. Open the Lightspeed Restaurant app.
  2. If a sales period has not yet been opened, you'll be prompted to start a sales period on the Home screen.
  3. To open a sales period or clock in, tap Clock in/out.
  4. Tap a shift manager’s username from the list and login with your PIN or QR code.

    Users who only access the POS for time-tracking purposes (such as a chef or other back-of-house staff) can clock in from this screen without needing to open a sales period.

    POS app Clock in / out screen.
  5. Once logged in, the Open sales period window will appear on screen. From this window, you can add some information about the shift so far, such as the weather for the day or a custom note.
  6. Tap Open. Shift impressions screen where users can select the weather and rate their impressions of the shift.
  7. The shift manager clocks in to start their shift.
  8. Once the sales period has started, the POS will display the Clock-in screen for other users to clock into a user shift or log in to the Register screen.
  9. The first user to access the Register screen after starting a sales period and who has the correct permissions to do so will be prompted to count the cash drawer if one is set up.  'Confirm cash amount' screen in the POS app

Closing a sales period

Closing the sales period ends the business day and generates POS reports that summarize the day's sales activity. After a sales period is closed, you can no longer accept orders until another sales period is opened.

Before performing the steps to close a sales period and end your sales day, you first need to ensure that:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Clock in/out.
  2. Tap the name of the shift manager who is closing the sales period. POS app Clock in/ out screen. The button titled Shift Manager has been highlighted.
  3. If prompted, tap Yes to count and close the current cash drawer or No to go back. Otherwise, skip this step.

    Important: Only select Yes if you've already closed the cash drawers for your other POS devices. Proceeding without having closed these drawers will leave you unable to properly close them.

  4. Confirm you wish to proceed with closing the sales period on the pop-up window. The Shift impressions screen. Users can select the weather and rate their impressions of the shift.
  5. (Optional) If tip declaration is turned on, enter the amount of tips to declare and tap Done. Otherwise, skip this step. 
  6. (Optional) Tap Yes to print the user summary report to a connected receipt printer.

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