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About Lightspeed Restaurant Back Office

The Lightspeed Restaurant Back Office is the launching point for managing your business and is the all-in-one website for settings, inventory, and reporting.

In the Back Office, set up menus with items and prices and profiles for POS devices and their peripherals. Also, manage users and user groups and view detailed information about the business using a variety of reports.

Visit the following sections for detailed information on each Back Office topic:


Learn how to log in to the Back Office and reset the password. Also, get knowledge about understanding the dashboard and how to navigate in the Back Office.


Find information about setting up and managing Back Office users, POS users, and related groups. Also, learn about user shifts.


Get to know how to set up and manage items, related item groups, define item sequences, and create menus

Floor plans

Learn to set up a floor plan and put tables into it.


Find information about setting up and configuring devices and cash floats.


Get knowledge about printer setup, printing profiles, and production centers.


Learn how to create payment methods, discounts, and foreign currencies.


Learn to manage your stock with Lightspeed Restaurant.


Get to know how you set up a customer database and how to set up and use different loyalty cards.


Get breakdowns of general and detailed for the business reports.


Find information about setting up business-related data and information, including contact details, taxes, and more.


We're here to help!

If you're just getting started with Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series), check out our Getting Started guide and onboarding resources. 

For or any questions about setting up your account and understanding the Back Office, please reach out to your account representative or contact our Support team.

For more information on using the Lightspeed Restaurant app, check out the help tutorials in Restaurant POS

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