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About Order Anywhere

Order Anywhere is an add-on to existing Lightspeed Restaurant subscriptions. Contact your Account Manager or email sales@lightspeedhq.com to purchase Order Anywhere.

Order Anywhere is a mobile-friendly online ordering platform that integrates directly with the Restaurant POS app. Using Order Anywhere, customers can place takeaway or pickup orders, table orders from inside the restaurant, or just browse the menu, all from their own device.

Order Anywhere enhances the ordering process for restaurants and customers, including features like:

  • Online payments by credit or debit card and in-store payments by cash, credit, debit, or gift card.
  • Immediate order pickup, or scheduled order pickup.
  • Ability to enter notes, request cutlery, and add a tip when placing an order.

Setting up Order Anywhere

  • Setting up Order Anywhere: Learn how to log in, update business details, and customize appearance, business hours, and order settings.
  • Enabling payments for Order Anywhere: Learn how to enable online and in-person payments, as well as set up Scan and Pay, allowing customers to conveniently pay for their orders through Order Anywhere.
  • Creating and customizing Order Anywhere profiles: Learn how to create and customize your ordering profiles. Depending on the profile you create, customers can order for pickup, at their table, or just browse your menu online.
  • Editing Order Anywhere profiles: Learn how to manage Order Anywhere profiles by editing, pausing, refreshing their menus, or deleting them as necessary.
  • Setting up and using Item availability: Learn how to set up and use item availability, including enabling it, adding the web extension, snoozing items to make them temporarily unavailable, and unsnoozing items when they're ready to be sold again.

Using Order Anywhere

  • Placing orders using Order Anywhere: Learn how customers use Order Anywhere to place orders, whether for pickup or table service, as well as pay for them either online or in person.
  • Fulfilling orders from Order Anywhere: Learn how to prepare your restaurant for fulfilling orders from Order Anywhere, including syncing online-paid and paid in-person orders, adjusting covers for table orders, processing payments, and optionally turning off online ordering.
  • Refunding orders from Order Anywhere: Learn how to process refunds for Order Anywhere orders, including same-day, previous-day, historical, and partial refunds.
  • Checking order reports and customer reviews: Learn how to read order reports and customer reviews to gain insights into transaction history, customer preferences, and gather valuable feedback.

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