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About Account Reports

Access account reports regarding orders, receipts, transactions, payments, and production tickets.


Report Description
Receipts Report All receipts created and paid for during the selected time period are displayed.
Draft Receipts The Draft Receipts report lists receipts that have been printed but not yet paid.
All Account Reports The report lists all started accounts (orders) during the selected time period, including open orders.
Open Accounts The report gives an overview of open orders during the selected time period.
Cancelled Accounts In the Cancelled Accounts Report, all cancelled orders during the selected period are displayed.
Account Transfers Transfer operations allow one payment method to be switched to another in the Restaurant POS app. These actions are listed on the Account Transfers report.
Transactions All sale, void, and transitory operations are displayed for the selected period on the Transactions page and are broken down by item.
Payments All closed orders with their respective payment methods are listed in the Payments Report.
Invoices All transactions paid with the Invoice payment method are listed on the Invoices Report.

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