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About Order Reports

Order reports display information regarding all orders placed through Lightspeed Restaurant. These reports detail information about any receipts generated in the POS, transactions processed in a specified time period, payments received, invoices and production tickets. Most order reports can be exported from your Back Office and saved for your records. 

To access your order reports, navigate to Reports > Reports in the Back Office

Image displays the home page for reports in the Lightspeed Restaurant Back Office. The section titled 'Order reports' has been highlighted.

  • Receipts Report: The Receipts Report displays all receipts created and paid for during the selected time period
  • Draft Receipts Report: The Draft Receipts Report lists receipts that have been printed but not yet paid.
  • All Account Reports: The All Accounts Reports detail all orders created during a selected time period, including open and canceled orders.
  • Cancelled Accounts: The Canceled Accounts report lists all orders that have been canceled over a specified time period.
  • Account Transfers: The Account Transfers report lists when an order's payment method has been edited via a transfer operation in the POS.
  • Transactions: The Transactions report displays all sales, refunds, and transfers processed over a selected time period.
  • Payments: The Payments report details all closed orders with their associated payment method.
  • Invoices: Any orders created with the invoice payment method will be listed in the Invoices report.

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