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About Sales Reports

The Sales Reports provide a detailed breakdown of sold goods and services, with net and gross data for a specific time period. Some reports also give information on other POS device activities, such as how many times a cash drawer was opened or the number of production tickets created at a kitchen display system (KDS). Most Sales reports can be exported to save and print them outside the Back Office.


Report Description

Business Reports (NoAm)

The Business Report gives you a quick overview of essential business data, such as profits, losses, and taxes. Visit this article if you're using a Lightspeed Restaurant account in North America (NoAm).

Business Reports (EMEA)

The Business Report offers a detailed overview of earnings, business activity, and other financial information and provides a variety of Display views, including Classic, Accounting, Statistical, Account profiles, and Condensed. Visit this article if your Lightspeed Restaurant account is in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa (EMEA).
Products Report The Products Report provides information on the amount of items sold in your restaurant, the profit, and the cost of the items. Discounted items, offered items, lost items, and returned items are listed in the table. The report can be filtered by employee, device, and reporting shifts.
Product Mix Report The Product Mix Report gives an overview of product sales broken down by accounting groups, account profiles, statistical categories, and products. Unlike the Products Report, you can filter the table and add additional columns based on your preferences.
Shifts Report In the Shifts Report, gross (Sales) and net results (Takings) are broken down by reporting shift periods.
Staff Report The Staff Report provides sales data for each staff member who used the POS during the selected time period.
Device Report For each POS device used during the selected time period, the Device Report provides sales data.
Hourly Performance The Hourly Performance page shows the gross sales amount by day of the week in the selected time period. You can use this information to plan your future staffing, for instance.
Text Messages Reports This page lists all custom notes entered on the POS device during the selected period.
KDS Statistics If you use a kitchen display system (KDS) or monitor, you can see the number of products prepared, the fastest, slowest and average preparation time, as well as the total time it took to prepare the items.

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