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Understanding the Settings menu

Getting started guide

In this article, learn about reloading your POS app after making changes in the Back Office, running shift reports, adding or removing cash from the drawer, and performing other managerial functions from the Settings menu. Navigate to other articles in the guide using the carousel below.

The Settings menu provides access to and control over features that help you run your business in the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app. From the menu, you can view POS reports, see order payments, reload the device configuration, and access support resources as well as manage printing, cash drawers, device settings,and other connected hardware.

Accessing the Settings menu

Access the Settings menu in the Restaurant POS app to use the settings and features it contains.

Accessing the Settings menu requires the ability to log in to the Restaurant POS app as well as an open sales period and user shift. The options available to each POS user will vary based on their permissions as set up in the Back Office.

  1. In the Restaurant POS app, tap Settings to open the Settings menu.
  2. Select a section of the menu to open it. Screen of the Settings menu with the Control Center on display

Sections of the Settings menu

The table below explains each section and option available on the Settings menu in the Restaurant POS app.

The options available to each POS user will vary based on their user or user group permissions.

Section Description
Control center

Contains the following information and actions:

  • Manager pincode: Unique four-digit code used to authorize sensitive POS actions. This changes every day and is only visible to managers.
  • Quick actions: Allows a user to add or remove cash from a cash drawer or manually open a connected drawer. This section only appears if a cash drawer is set up in the Back Office.
  • This device: Allows a user to reload the POS device after a change is made in the Back Office.
  • Account sharing: Shows the number of POS devices presently connected to the current POS device.
  • Online orders: Allows you to disable, or re-enable, online ordering.

Displays all read and unread notifications, allowing you to catch up on multiple notifications at once. The Notification Center is an inclusive service center for managing critical information quickly.

Note: Notifications are currently only available to some Lightspeed customers. If you don't see this feature on your POS, watch for it to appear soon. Some notification types may not yet be available.

Notification types:

  • Reload configuration notifications allow you to reload the POS configuration directly from the notification bar.
  • Printing center notifications display details about configured printers and print jobs.
  • Network notifications signal if there is a network connectivity issue.
Fiscalization (Germany only) Displays all unsigned, or offline, transactions performed within the past 24 hours that were not logged by the Technical Security Element (TSE). This section also contains an FAQ describing the risks of unsigned transactions and how to avoid them.
Cash drawer

Contains actions for managing a cash drawer. This section only appears if a cash drawer is set up in the Back Office.

  • Add cash: Records an addition of cash to the cash drawer, such as when adding coins without removing an equivalent amount of paper bills.

    Note: This action is sometimes referred to as a cash drop.

  • Remove cash: Records a withdrawal of cash from the cash drawer, such as to pay for supplies.

    Note: This action is sometimes referred to as a cash lift.

  • Open drawer: Physically opens a connected cash drawer.
  • Close drawer: Enables you to count and close the cash drawer without ending the current sales period.
Payment terminals Set up a new payment terminal or view an existing one’s settings. This section only appears when certain types of payment methods are set up in the Back Office, such as Lightspeed Payments - Mobile Tap, Zettle, or SumUp.
Reports Contains user, sale, shift, and other reports for the POS device. This option only appears for users assigned to a user group with Report access permissions.
Payments Opens the Payments list, which shows all order payments accepted during the business day. Tips can also be added to orders from this screen.
Settle batch Enables you to manually close a batch of credit card transactions for a fee. This option only appears when a payment method using the Cayan (Swiper or Keyed Entry) type is present in the Back Office. Only users or user groups with the User can capture and close payment batches permission will see this option.
Printing center

Displays details about configured printers and print jobs, divided into two sections:

  • Printers: Shows all printers and printing targets (printers connected to a printing profile) set up in the Back Office. Tap a printer or target to perform a test print.
  • Print jobs: Shows all ongoing and failed print jobs, including receipts, order tickets, and reports. Tap a print job to preview it, or tap Retry on a failed print job to try reprinting it.
Production centers Shows available production centers with the option to turn each off or on.
Device sharing Shows the connected POS devices (peers) currently online, the number of open orders started locally on this POS device, open orders started on other POS devices using the same configuration (peers), and total orders.
Display settings Contains settings for changing the color scheme of the POS app (Light mode or Dark mode) and orientation of the buttons on the Register screen (Left-handed interface).
Support Allows you to chat with our Support team, and displays information about the current POS device and network. For example, here you’ll find the name of your POS device, Lightspeed app version, Wi-Fi network name, and MAC address.
Help center Loads the Help Center, which contains articles about setting up and using Lightspeed Restaurant.
What's new View the latest Lightspeed Restaurant release, including updates, new features, and more.
Privacy policy View the Lightspeed privacy policy to learn how we collect, use, and protect your data.
Terms & Conditions View the service agreement for your Lightspeed Restaurant account.
Device configuration Allows you to change the device configuration / profile used on the POS device.

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