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About Restaurant POS

The Lightspeed Restaurant POS app is the essential tool used to run the day-to-day operations of your business, including managing and processing customer orders, using the time clock, and viewing in-app reporting. From full and quick service to bars and cafés, Restaurant POS has the features needed to run any type of restaurant.


In Restaurant POS, clock in and open a sales period to start each day. Add Direct sale or Table service orders as they are placed, track customer names and contact details, accept tips and payments in a variety of tenders, and print order tickets and receipts.

See the sections below for more information on each Restaurant POS app topic.



Learn how to set up an iOS device for use with Lightspeed, download and log in to the Restaurant POS app, and reset employee PIN codes.


Get to know how to use the Home screen, clock in and out, open and close sales periods, count the cash float, declare tips, and access POS user settings.


Find information about adding orders in Direct sale and Table service modes, editing and reviewing orders, and using the Register, Tables, and Order management screens.


Get to know how to process payments and tips, split and merge checks, print checks, edit, void, and email receipts, and use the Receipts screen and Payments list.


Learn how to create new customers, add customers to orders, and edit existing customers.


Get to know how to set up printing for production tickets and receipts, and learn how printing works once it is set up.


Find information about the different reports available at the POS and when to use them.


Learn how to access the Settings menu, and read about the sections and options it contains.

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