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Editing and reviewing orders

While ordering, there comes a time when you may need to revise or review the order details. Maybe your guests have moved to another table, your shift is ending, and you need to transfer an order to your colleague, or you need to remove order items from the check. Whatever the reason, there are multiple ways to review or edit your order with the Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) POS app.

Editing basics

Searching for an item: The magnifying glass icons at the top-right corner of the Register screen represent your item search function. You can tap the search button and then enter an item name, SKU, or barcode in the field to quickly find a particular item instead of navigating through the menu buttons. After you have searched for a particular item, you can add it to the order by selecting Add to order. View item information (as configured from the Back Office) by tapping Details.

Reordering an item: To reorder items, simply tap the item line on the Register screen. From the pop-up window of item actions, select Add one until you have selected how many items you wish to reorder. 

Deleting or editing an ordered item: We all make mistakes sometimes, and it may happen that you need to remove an order item from the check.

  • If this happens before sending order items to the kitchen, select the item line on the Register screen. From the pop-up window of item actions, select Remove one to remove a quantity of the order item. To remove the entire order line, tap the order item(s) and select Remove line.
  • If we have to delete an item that has already been sent, select the item line on the Register screen. From the pop-up window of item actions, select Void line. Then, select a reason for the void (as determined from the Back Office) to remove the item from the order. Note that this action will be recorded in your reports (including the name of the POS user, table number, item, date, and void reason). 

Edit mode

The Edit mode function helps POS users efficiently review and manage multiple order items. With Edit mode, you can:

  • Collapse the keyboard for an overview of the entire order
  • Assign one or multiple items to another course or seat(when the items have not yet been sent)
  • Transfer multiple items to another table (after the items have already been sent)
  • Delete multiple items from the order(when the items have not yet been sent)


To access Edit mode, add an order item to the transaction. A quick action button beside the keypad will appear called Edit order. The keypad will then collapse so you can view the entire order.Depending on if the order items have been sent or not, there are also a few actions available from Edit mode. To enable actions within Edit mode, highlight individual or multiple item lines, and then select:

  • Assign to: If the order is in Table Service mode, use this button to move items to another assigned course or seat. Note that you can only use this transfer function if items have not yet been sent to your prep station.
  • Transfer: If the order is in Table Service mode, use this button to move items to another table. You can select the table number on the keypad, or view the floor plan and choose a table. 
  • Remove: If you have not yet sent the order items to the prep station, use this button to remove the items from the order.

When you have completed reviewing or editing the order, tap Done to return to the Register screen.

Item actions 

You may wish to view or edit individual order items. In this instance, you can tap an order item line from the Register screen to open the Item actions menu.

  • From here, you can either remove the entire order lines (if the items have not yet been sent) or void the item line (if it has already been sent for preparation).
  • You can also transfer the individual item to another table by selecting Transfer table
  • To add another item quantity to the order, select Add one. To remove one of the selected order items, select Remove one.
  • From this window you can also apply a discount to the order item line (as configured from the Back Office).


Order actions

To apply actions or settings to an entire order, you can select Actions above the order view. This will open a pop-up window with available actions to select. Note that many order actions are not available unless you have sent at least one order item and are in Table Service mode  (meaning that your order has a designated tab name or table number). After sending order items and returning to the order, tap Actions to:

  • Fire course: Select this action to let the prep station know the guests are ready for their next course. The first unfired course is indicated by a white flame icon Flame icon. Once the course is fired, the icon turns orange. When the next course is fired, the previous course is marked with a green checkmark, indicating completion, and the orange flame moves to the newly fired course.
  • Transfer table: Select this action to move the entire order to another table and enter the new table number or browse the floor plan. Transferring will send a ticket to the prep station where the order was previously sent notifying of the table transfer.
  • Transfer user: Select this action to transfer the order to another user. A list of the available staff members will pop up - select a name for the transfer.
  • Tab name / Rename order: To keep an order open without assigning it to a specific table from the floor plan, you can give the order a name. This is useful for running one-off customer tabs or if you have a returning group. To give the order a custom name or to change its existing name, type in the text field and then tap OK when done. Be aware that changing the name of a Table Service order will unassign the order from that table.
  • Link to another table: If you're ever in a situation where one table of friends are sitting at multiple tables, you can always link tables to each other on the POS to indicate that the order is together. Note that it is only possible to link a table if the second table is empty. Specify which table to link to the order by selecting a table number or browsing the floor plan. A linked table includes a chain icon to the right of the table number or order name. Selecting the empty linked table will automatically bring you to the original order.
  • Print check: Print a draft receipt for the customer when they are ready to pay. You can do this by selecting Print check from the order Actions or by selecting Print check to the right of the keypad. 
  • Add tip: If ever needed, you can also add a tip. Select a percentage or flat amount from the pop-up and tap Confirm. Note that you can also add a tip from the Payments screen. 
  • Discounts: there are a few discount types you can create from the Back Office. Discounts can be set as a percentage or currency amount. Discounts can be made at item level (with Item Actions) or for the entire order (with order Actions). Note that the whole list of discounts may not be available for all POS users, as the ability to process discounts depends on user settings configured from the Back Office. 
  • Order tags: An order tag is a profile of configured settings applied to the entire order. Order tags are configured from the Back Office according to your needs and can be applied to orders from the POS. With order tags, you can create order types such as Takeaway, Happy hour, Eat-in, or Staff meal to apply settings (such as pricing or taxes) to the ticket. 


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