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Staff Report

The Staff Report provides sales data for each staff member who used the POS during the selected period. This report offers an overview of valuable information, showing an individual staff member’s Total revenue earned, Discounts issued, Declared tips, and more. Use this report to get precise statistics and gauge the performance of your staff. 

Accessing the Staff Report

To access the Staff Report:

  1. Log in to the Back Office using your Lightspeed credentials.
  2. Select Reports > Reports from the navigation menu.
  3. Click Staff Report in the Sales Report section.
  4. Use the drop-down menu and calendar icon in the upper-right corner to change the report's time period.
  5. Use the drop-down menu contained within the report to filter the report by employee.


Staff report sections

Report section Description
Summary A simple overview of transactions, including the total revenue, tax collected, and write-offs. Sales run by training POS users are totaled on a separate Training Total row in this section.
Accounts Total amount of checks opened, paid, corrected, and canceled. This includes orders processed by training POS users.
Cash report Total cash received, dispensed, and taken as tips. Moreover, this section shows cash drawer activity, including adding and removing cash from the drawer.
Sales Total sales broken down by item. Items are grouped together based on whether the report is organized by Accounting Group or Category 
Takings Payments taken. Note: Total takings may not match Total sales if there are open, unpaid orders.
Discounts The various discounts that were used. This section distinguishes the quantity issued (Qty) from the number of accounts (Acc) or checks that received this discount.
Taxes The various tax rates and amount of tax collected. 

What's next?

The reports linked below are additional Sales Reports:

Business reports give a quick overview of important business data, such as profits, losses, and taxes.

Products Reports display an overview of sold products for the selected time period categorized by Total, Discounted, Offered, Loss, Returned, Transaction, Margin, and Cost.

Product Mix Reports give an overview of product sales broken down by accounting groups, account profiles, statistical categories, and products.

In the Shifts Report gross (Sales) and net results (Takings) are broken down by reporting shift periods.

Device Reports provide Sales data for each POS device used during the selected time period.

Hourly Performance shows the gross sales amount by day of the week in the selected time period.

Text Messages Reports list all custom notes entered on the POS device during the selected period.

KDS Statistics shows the number of products prepared, the fastest, slowest, and average preparation time, as well as the total time it took to prepare the items.

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