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As of June 2023, the legacy Stock feature is no longer available to new customers. Existing customers who currently use the feature will still have access to it.

If you're interested in managing your inventory, we recommend exploring our Inventory add-on. Get in touch with your account manager or contact us to discuss whether this add-on could benefit your business.

Create production batches for recipes from the Production section of the Back Office in Lightspeed Restaurant. For example, a recipe made out of batches might include baked goods like croissants or cookies. When an item is created or ordered on the POS, the ingredients for the recipe will be automatically deducted from stock. The stock item and ingredients are added as one Inventory item in the Back Office.


To add a recipe on the production page you first have to make some requirements:

  1. Add ingredients as items:
    Add the ingredients needed to produce a recipe as items in the Back Office in Menu management > Items. The Stock management details must be filled out for these ingredients. See Adding items for detailed information on adding stock management details.
  2. Add produce item:
    Create the produce item in the Back Office under Menu management > Items. In the Item composition field, add the ingredients. See Adding items for detailed information on creating an item composition.
  3. Enable Manufactured checkbox for the produce item:
    Once you’ve added the item composition to the produce item, the Manufactured checkbox is available in the Stock management details. Enable the checkbox and click Save.


Pizza with Tomato sauce and Cheese:

Create the ingredients:

  1. Tomato sauce: Add the item Tomato sauce. The tomato sauce is a liter bottle with the following Stock management details:
    • Dimension: Volume
    • Content: 1 litre (l)
    • Stock: Kitchen
  2. Cheese: Add the item Cheese. It's a 500 g package with the following Stock management details:
    • Dimension: Mass
    • Content 500 gram (g)
    • Stock: Kitchen

Add the produce item:

  1. Pizza: Create the item Pizza. The pizza needs 250ml of tomato sauce and 250g of cheese so you add the following item composition:
    • Item: Tomato sauce
    • Quantity: 250 milliliters (ml)
    • Source stock: Kitchen

    • Item: Cheese
    • Quantity: 250 gram (g)
    • Source stock: Kitchen

Enable the Manufactured checkbox:

After adding the pizza item with its ingredients, enable the Manufactured checkbox in the Stock Management details of the pizza.


What's next?

Create production batches for recipes. 

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