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Purchase Reports

With Inventory, access the Purchase Reports to track historical inventory purchases that you've made from your suppliers. Using this report, you can see the goods you've purchased, the quantities ordered, price changes over time, and the suppliers you've purchased from.

This report provides valuable information for budgeting and planning, which can help your restaurant better forecast its future purchasing needs.


Accessing Purchase reports

The purchase reports are organized according to the items you've received via the purchase orders feature in the Inventory add-on. To access and use this report:

  1. Log in to the Inventory module with your Lightspeed credentials.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Reports > Purchase report.
  3. (Optional) Sort the table by Item name, Cost price, or Total cost by clicking the column header.
  4. (Optional) Find specific items using the Search field.
  5. (Optional) Filter items by Statistics group, Accounting group, or Purchase date using the available drop-down menus.

Understanding purchase reports

After accessing the purchase reports, you’ll see a table of items purchased based on the time selected in the drop-down menu at the top of the page (default: Past 30 days).


Purchase reports table

See the table below for descriptions of the various columns on the purchase reports table.

Column Description
Item name Name of the item as it appears in the Back Office and on the POS. See About items for details on how to add and edit items.
Amount Total number of units that have been purchased.
Format Dimensions of how the item is measured: Unit, Volume, or Weight
Cost price Current cost price of the item as it is set in Back Office. Visit our article about Editing items to learn how to update an item's cost price.
Total cost Total cost of all inventory purchased over time. This figure is generated by tallying the costs of all historical purchases of this item.

Viewing item purchase history

From the purchase reports, view an item's History to see a record of past orders from your suppliers as well as price changes over time. To view Item purchase history:

  1. From the Purchase Reports, find the item whose history you want to see by scrolling through the list or looking up a specific item using the search field.
  2. Click History.


On the Item purchase history page, a graph depicts the changes in cost price for the selected item based on previous purchases. You can hover over a point on the graph to see a small pop-up window that displays the date and price of the item for that particular data point.

Below the graph, a table lists individual purchase orders according to their received date, with the most recent orders listed first. The table includes several columns (outlined below), each containing specific information about the purchase order.


Item history table

See the table below for descriptions of the various columns on the Item purchase history table.

Column Description
Received date The date on which the purchase order was received.
Supplier Name of the company or individual from whom the item was purchased.
Stock level at purchase Amount of stock on hand at the time the purchase order was made.
Amount purchased Number of units purchased.
Format Dimensions of how the item is measured: Unit, Volume, or Weight
Cost price Price paid for each individual unit that was purchased.
Total cost Total price = Amount purchased x Cost price.


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