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Adding new gift cards to a batch

Important: On June 21, 2022, we launched the new gift card feature. These articles are regarding the old version. If you joined K-Series before the release date, you can switch to the new version by following the instructions in our Setting up gift cards 2.0 article.

Add new gift cards to an existing batch of cards to create additional gift cards that can be used at the POS. To create a new batch, contact our Support team.

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed Restaurant account credentials.
  2. From the navigation bar, go to Customers > Loyalty cards > Card batches.
  3. Select the GIFT tab.
  4. Click +Add cards next to a card batch.
  5. Fill the form as needed. For a description of each field, see the table below.
  6. Click Add to confirm and save your entries.



Field Description
Card count
Number of new cards to add.
Max Amount Maximum limit of how much can be loaded onto a card.
Max Overdraft If you want to allow your customer to spend more than what is loaded on their gift card, enter here an amount up to which the customer can overdraw their card.

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