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About Loyalty cards

The Loyalty cards module included with Lightspeed Restaurant K Series allows you to offer discount, gift, punch, and ID cards to customers to encourage them to return to your business. Learn more about each card type below, and visit the related articles to learn how to configure and use each type of card once created. To get started with Loyalty cards, contact our Support team to request a batch of your desired card type(s) and for those to be added to your account.

  • VIP - VIP cards automatically add a discount to the customer’s order when scanned at the POS.
  • GIFT - A gift card is a voucher loaded with a specific monetary amount that can be redeemed at the POS to pay for an order.
  • PUNCH - Punch cards enable you to offer a free item to a customer after they purchase a certain quantity of a particular product or service.
  • ID - ID cards are used to create a customer account by billing the guest's consumption through the generated account.

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