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Item scorecard

Advanced Insights is currently available to Lightspeed Restaurant customers in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. To get access to this feature, contact your Sales Account Manager or Lightspeed Support.

You can use an item scorecard to discover important sales information by item. View an item’s ranking over the last four weeks, its recent sales, and a graph of its top-selling servers. The item scorecard organizes this sales data into three tabs: Scorecard, Recent Sales, and Top Servers.

Accessing an item scorecard

To access an item's scorecard:

  1. Sign in to your Advanced Insights dashboard.
  2. At the top of the navigation menu, click the Locations drop-down and select a location.
  3. In the main navigation menu, click Menu.
  4. Click item name to view its scorecard.

Scorecards can be accessed from the Repeat Customer Favorites and Most Popular tabs on the Menu page.

Understanding the Scorecard tab

The Scorecard tab organizes an item's sales data into a graph and table. The graph gives you a visual representation of an item's sales trends for the last month. The Highlights table lists the item's top-selling servers, as well as the customers who most recently purchased the item. You can also click on a server's name to view their Server scorecard.


Understanding the Recent sales table

Visit the Recent sales tab to discover which guests most recently purchased the item, who served them, the total number of covers (table size), and a breakdown of the other items ordered on the same check. 

Each row in the Recent sales table represents a single check, and each bar graph color represents a different menu item on that check. Click Show legend to see the item breakdown.

For a description of each column, view the table below.


Recent sales table columns

Column Description


The date and time an item was sold.

Customer The customer who purchased the item.
Server The name of the server who sold the item. You can click on the server’s name to view their server scorecard.
Covers The total number of customers on a ticket. For example, a table of five customers counts as five covers.
Per cover ($) The total dollar amount of each cover on the check.
Total ($) The total dollar amount of the check.
Breakdown A bar representing a breakdown of all the items on a single check.


Understanding the Top servers graph

View the Top servers tab for an in-depth look at an item's top sellers.

Based on sales data, the Top servers bar graph shows which staff member sold the item the most. The graph displays the average amount sold in dollars compared to the average sale amount. You can also hover over a bar to view the item’s total sales in dollars and the total number sold by the server.


Understanding the Top servers table

The Top servers table provides you with total sales amount of the item for the specified period of time. You can also click on a server's name to view their server scorecard.

For a description of each column, view the table below.


Top servers table columns

Column Description


Server name. Click to view their server scorecard.

Item sold The total number sold of an item.
Item sales ($)

The item’s total sales in dollars.

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