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About stock

As of June 2023, the legacy Stock feature is no longer available to new customers. Existing customers who currently use the feature will still have access to it.

If you're interested in managing your inventory, we recommend exploring our Inventory add-on. Get in touch with your account manager or contact us to discuss whether this add-on could benefit your business.

Maintain correct stock levels in Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) by managing stock locations, stock movements, inventory, and production using the Stock feature.

First, enable the stock feature in Configuration > Settings > Stock, before using it.

Refer to the articles below to learn how to enable and use Stock:

  • Stock Management: Stock Management at Lightspeed Restaurant includes stock locations, stock items, and stock levels.
  • Stocks Movements: Stock Movement provides an overview of the changes and movements of items in and between your stocks (purchased, produced, sold, wasted, etc.). Manage stock movement, input, output, and transfer.
  • Production: Create production batches for recipes from the production section of Lightspeed Restaurant.
  • Inventory: The inventory screen lists all the products that are in your inventory and have been added via the stock input page with their respective Stock IDs.
  • Rules: The Rules section allows you to create notification rules for your stock levels. Stock level rules can impact any stock location, product, or quantity.

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