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Configuring Lightspeed Payments

Lightspeed Payments is the simplest way to integrate your payment processing with Lightspeed Restaurant K Series and to accept credit and debit card payments in your restaurant. Because Lightspeed Payments lives within Lightspeed Restaurant, this enables you to both run your business and manage your transactions all in one seamless Lightspeed experience. 

If you have not already applied for Lightspeed Payments, you can inquire for more information with our sales team

First steps with Lightspeed Payments

Once your application is approved, you will be contacted via email with your next steps. In addition to communication from Lightspeed, you can also expect an email from our partner, Securetrust. This email from SecureTrust is to provide you with an option to become PCI compliant through us (via SecureTrust). It is completely free of charge for all Lightspeed Payments users. For more information on PCI compliance with Lightspeed Payments, see our article Understanding PCI Compliance.

Customizing Lightspeed Payments

One of the advantages of Lightspeed Payments is that Lightspeed will take care of most of your gateway configurations for you, so you won't have to worry about making sure the lines of communication are open between your Lightspeed account and Lightspeed Payments. Once you have been approved for Lightspeed Payments and Lightspeed Payments has been added to your account, you can adjust your settings to fit your needs. 

Your Lightspeed Payment settings can be configured from the Back Office.

To view and edit your settings:

  1. From the navigation menu of the Back Office, select Configuration > Settings > Payment methods.
  2. Locate the Lightspeed Payments payment method and click Edit.
  3. On the subsequent page, make your preferred changes.
  4. Select Save to apply the new settings.

Understanding payment settings

Payment authorization and capturing options

At Sale Card payments are authorized and captured immediately
Pre-auth (US only) Payments are authorized instantly but will be captured at 5:29 AM (local time) the following morning.
Note Your POS device will need to be online and connected to the internet at that time in order for the capture to be successful. If the capture is unsuccessful at that time, the capture will be automatically completed eight days after the initial attempt.

General settings

See the following table to find descriptions and definitions of what each setting controls.

Staff reports

This option allows you to include this payment method in staff reports.
Tipping Enabling this allows customers to add a tip when paying for their order.
Tip subtraction percentage This setting can be used for card commissions. The entered percentage amount will be deducted from the invoice.
Cash drawer When this option is selected, the cash drawer will open when this payment type is selected.
Floats When enabled, this payment method is included in float counts.
Commit Failure In instances where a card is debited twice due to a transmission error, the customer is refunded the excess amount.
Bar tabs (US only) When opening a bar tab, you can pre-authorize a customer’s credit or debit card to verify their bank account and hold a minimum amount of funds by inserting the card into an integrated payment terminal.
Note: Bar Tabs are only available when using the At Sale payment authorization method. 
Payment QR Code When enabled, a QR code is generated to initiate transactions using this payment method even if it’s not enabled on POS.
Activate surcharging (Australia, Canada, and US only) This option enables surcharging through Lightspeed Payments. For more information, visit our article Surcharging with Lightspeed Payments.

Customizing POS configuration options with Lightspeed Payments

POS configurations can be understood as a collection of settings that are controlled from the Back Office and applied to your POS devices. These configurations allow the Lightspeed Restaurant app to access a specific group of settings that can be customized and edited as needed. For more information on POS configurations, view our article Managing and understanding POS configurations.

Enabling tipping options with Lightspeed Payments

The optional settings for Lightspeed Payments can be edited to enable tips or change how you take signatures. These settings can be changed in your back office.

To enable tipping on the terminal:

  1. In the Back Office, navigate to ConfigurationConfigurations.
  2. Click the name of the POS configuration associated with Lightspeed Payments.
  3. Check the enable tipping on terminal when supported checkbox.
  4. Check the Allow tipping at payment checkbox.
  5. Click save.

Your customers will now be offered the option to add a tip on the terminal when paying for their checks.

By default, tipping percentages will be set to 15%, 18%, 20%, and "custom amount." To make changes to this setting, please contact our support team.

Configuring signature options with Lightspeed Payments

To capture signatures directly on the payment terminal:

  1. In the back office, navigate to ConfigurationConfigurations.
  2. Click the name of the POS configuration associated with Lightspeed Payments.
  3. Check the Capture signature on terminal when supported checkbox.
  4. Click save.

Your customers will now be able to sign directly on the payment terminal's screen when paying for their order.

Setting up your hardware

Once your Lightspeed Payments account is configured and you've received your payment hardware, you're ready to set up your terminal.

The following terminals are compatible with Lightspeed Payments: 

It is important that you only use the terminal supplied to you by Lightspeed, as any terminal obtained from a third party may not be correctly configured for your account and could present a security risk.

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