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Receipt Report

The Receipt Report displays all paid receipts, including those that were canceled, corrected, or generated in training mode. Each row in the table represents a single receipt. Use this report if you need to print, cancel, or review a particular receipt or change the payment method. Additionally, you can also create new transactions from this page.

Accessing the Receipt Report

To access the Receipt Report:

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed Restaurant credentials.
  2. Select Reports > Reports from the navigation bar.
  3. Click Receipt Report in the Account Reports section.
  4. Use the drop-down menu and calendar icon to change the report's time period.
  5. Navigate through the table to find the row for your desired receipt.
    • A person icon in the State column means a receipt is assigned to a customer. 
    • Rows in red font indicate voided or canceled receipts. 
    • Rows in gray font indicate receipts generated by training POS users.
    • Rows in yellow font indicate receipts added from the Back Office.


Printing and filtering receipts

Print or zero in on specific receipts by using the following options in the Receipt Report:

  • Use the Search field to find a particular receipt. Searchable information includes Account name, Amount, Tender, Created by, Paid to, Device, Account, and Reference.
  • Use the Show_entries drop-down menu to choose how many receipts should appear on a single page.
  • Filter receipts by tag using the available drop-down if there are tags associated with specific device profiles in your Configurations. Note: this option does not appear if no tags are set up.
  • To print single or multiple receipts, select the receipt(s) using the checkbox in the same row and click Print selected receipts.
  • To download the report as a spreadsheet, click Export Receipts CSV > select your device (Mac or PC) > Export.

Adding a transaction

Manually add an unlisted transaction or correct an erroneous one by recreating it.

This action is not available for Lightspeed Restaurant accounts based in Germany.
Important: Be selective when adding transactions, canceling receipts, or changing payment types. Manipulating receipts after the end of the business day may invalidate reports already printed by the POS since those existing reports will no longer match the back-end data.
  1. From the Receipt Report, click Create a new transaction.
  2. Specify the: Description, Amount, Payment method, Transaction owner, and Accounting group.
  3. (Optional) Include Tip, Payment method for gratuity, and Available tags.
  4. Click Create Transaction.
  5. Since you're modifying past sales data, enter a meaningful reason for the change.
  6. Click Confirm to finish.
  7. Click Reload data to refresh the listed receipts. Receipts created in the back office appear in yellow, with BackOffice listed as the device.

Viewing and managing receipt details

From the Receipt Report, click on any receipt to see more details. From here, you can perform various actions and see more information specific to your chosen transaction.

Receipt Report Actions

Actions Description
Print Receipt Prints a single copy of the receipt. If no printer is connected, it downloads a PDF version of the receipt.
Email Receipt Emails a copy of the receipt to the attached customer. This option only appears if a customer is attached to the sale.
Change payment type Opens a new screen where the payment method can be changedthis action is not available in Germany. See Note
  1. Use the drop-down menu to select the new payment method.
  2. (Optional) Add a gratuity.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Specify a modification reason.
  5. Click Confirm to finish.
Cancel Receipt Voids the receipt. Note: this action cannot be undone. Choosing to cancel a receipt opens a new window where you can specify a reason for the cancelation
Save to text Downloads a text file that includes information from both the Journal and Prints views.
Journal (view) An event log used for auditing purposes and for tracking all actions performed on the selected check. Click an event from the list to see more details.
Prints (view) Shows all printed versions of the chosen receipt, including production tickets sent to the kitchen or bar.

What's next?

The Draft Receipt Reports lists receipts that have been printed but not yet paid. 

The All Accounts Reports lists all started accounts (orders) during the selected time period, including open orders. 

The Open Accounts Report gives an overview of open orders for the selected time period.

The Canceled Accounts Report displays all canceled orders for the selected period. 

The Account Transfers Report lists transfer operations. 

The Transactions page displays all sale, void, and transitory operations for the selected period.

The Payments Report lists all closed orders alongside their respective payment methods.

On the Invoices Report, All transactions paid with the Invoice payment method are listed.

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