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Managing and refunding receipts

There are many situations where you might need to edit, refund, or reprint a receipt. Depending on the POS user permissions you’ve configured in the Back Office, you can perform actions such as email or print a copy of the receipt, refund or edit payment on an order, or create an invoice. This article explains what each receipt action represents and how you can carry it out.

Accessing the Receipts screen

  1. Log on to Restaurant POS with your Lightspeed username and password.
  2. Navigate to Receipts in the navigation menu.
  3. From the Receipts screen, locate the receipt you wish to edit.
  4. When you have selected the desired receipt to edit, tap Receipt actions.
  5. The available receipts actions will populate.

Receipt actions may be limited depending on the permissions configured for each POS user and group.

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Refunding a receipt

Depending on your POS user permissions you’ve configured in the Back Office and your POS configuration, you can refund receipts directly from the POS.

Reopening a receipt

Reopen a receipt to refund an order’s original payment and reopen a new order with the same items included. After selecting a refund reason, you can edit the new order and re-process the order’s payment as needed.

Refunding a receipt

Use Refund items or Full refund to return an order’s payment to the customer. For more information on refunding sales through Lightspeed Payments, view our article Refunding sales through Lightspeed Payments.

  • Refund items will create a new refund transaction containing the items from the order. To refund items on an order, tap Refund items > Refund items to open the POS screen. Remove items from the refund transaction that you do not wish to refund, leaving only the items you do want to refund. Then, tap Pay to process the refund.

    The option to refund items is not available for orders paid for through an integrated payment type, such as a third-party credit card processor. These orders must be refunded in full or to a different payment type.
    Beta disclaimer: The ability to refund items on a receipt with Lightspeed Payments or other non-integrated payment methods is currently in beta and is available to select merchants. To inquire about partial refunds, contact your account manager.

  • Full refund issues a full refund of all items attached to the order. To refund a complete order, tap Full refund > Refund. After confirming the refund, select a refund reason to explain why you are refunding the order.

    Refunds must be enabled in the Back Office to use this receipt action on the POS.

Managing payment types on a receipt

Creating an invoice

Creating a customer invoice involves two main steps. First, an order is processed via the POS for the items to be included on the invoice. Second, an invoice for that order is created from the POS or Back Office. Create invoice creates a customer invoice from an order completed with the Invoice payment type. For more information on creating customer invoices, see our article Creating customer invoices.

Changing a payment type

To change a receipt's attached payment type, select Change Payment. From the pop-up window, select Edit and choose another payment method from the list. After you have selected the new payment method, select Back and then OK to apply the changes. If you need to modify the payment amount, then you can do so by refunding the payment and adjusting it from the Payment screen.

Receipt options for emailing or printing a receipt

Emailing a receipt

If you’d like to send an electronic copy of the selected receipt, then select the Email action option. You’ll then be prompted to enter the recipient's email address. When you’re done, select OK to send. For step-by-step help, see Emailing receipts.

Printing a receipt

If you need to print a copy of the receipt, then select the Print receipt action option. A copy of the receipt will be sent to a configured receipt printer.

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