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If you haven't found what you're looking for in the Restaurant (K Series) Help Center, we're here to help!

  • When contacting Support, it’s helpful to have certain information ready to make sure your issues are resolved as effectively and efficiently as possible.

    Account information

    Your account information, such as your Business ID or Business name and location, helps Support quickly access your profile in our system.

    To find your account information in the Back Office:
    Business ID: Click the Help button on the top navigation bar.
    To find your account information in the POS app:
    Business name and location: Click Settings on the bottom navigation bar, and then click Support on the left side menu.

    Summary of the issue

    A summary of the issue lets Support know more about the situation and how they can help you through it. Explain the issue and provide any relevant information that could help resolve the problem.

    Some useful information to include in your summary:
    The type of product you’re calling in about,
    The version of software you’re using,
    Screenshots of any error codes or messages you’ve received,
    Examples of dates and times when you’ve experienced the issue,
    Any fixes you’ve tried so far, like any troubleshooting steps you’ve taken or changes you’ve made to the settings.

    For example, your summary of the issue might sound like this:

    “I’m having an issue with my XYZ model receipt printer. It’s not connecting to the Back Office, and the error message I’m receiving says, “Printer not found.” I’ve been experiencing this issue consistently since last week. I’ve already tried restarting my printer, but it hasn’t helped.”

    Access to relevant hardware

    Having access to any relevant hardware helps Support more accurately understand the issue and walk you through the steps needed to resolve it.

    Have your devices nearby: Prepare any relevant hardware for your call so Support can instruct you on the actions to take to fix the issue. For example, if you’re calling about a problem with your printer, then have your printer with you.

    Set yourself up for success by having your account information, summary of the issue, and any relevant hardware nearby when contacting Support.

Quickest response time


Chat with a Support agent from the Help Center, Back Office, or Restaurant POS app for live text-based help. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all languages.

  • To chat from this page or any other page on our Help Center: click the Lightspeed logo in the bottom corner.
  • To chat from the Back Office: Log in, click Help on the page header, and select Chat with support.
  • To chat from the Restaurant POS app: Open the Settings menu, tap Support, and select Chat now.


Submit a support request by creating a ticket through the Restaurant (K Series) Help Center. You can also sign in to the Restaurant Help Center to view your current and past requests.

If you wish to make a data privacy request, please complete the online form linked in our Privacy Policy.


Have an urgent request or prefer to speak over the phone? Call us to talk to a support agent in real-time.

We currently offer phone support in English, French, German, and Dutch. Call us according to your region or preferred language.  

  • Before speaking with a representative, you’ll need to select the relevant department for your call. To make sure you're in contact with the right person, here's some more information about the different departments at Lightspeed.

    Sales: The sales department can assist you with any questions about additional features and services. If you’re an existing customer, you can also reach out to your sales representative directly.

    Support: The support department can assist you with any questions about setting up your hardware or using Lightspeed software. Whether you’re having trouble with your printer or issues with reports, the support team is here to help.

    Billing: The billing department can assist you with any questions about your Lightspeed account. If you’d like to increase the number of registers associated with your account or update your payment information, then the billing team can take care of that for you.

United Kingdom 
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New Zealand 
+64 9 951 9901

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North America
+1 833-573-7437

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Phone availability


  • Every day
  • 24 hours per day


  • Every day
  • 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM (GMT+1)


  • Every day
  • 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM (GMT+2)


  • Monday to Friday
  • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT+2)

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